We keep your home landscape beautiful in every season


A professionally groomed landscape provides not only a lovely curb appeal, the timely, consistent lawn mowing and shrub maintenance also can help create stronger, healthier plants and improved property values.

Minnesota Ground Control’s full-season landscaping expertise ranges from grass cutting to leaf clean-up to snow removal.  We pride ourselves in being “more than a lawn service” in the southwestern Minneapolis suburbs. Our attention to detail in all parts of landscape maintenance contributes to the beautiful property that you call “home”.


Spring Cleanup helps your lawn and landscape rebound from winter damage and provides your home with an attractive appearance. During a spring cleanup, all leaves, sticks and other debris are removed from your lawn and landscape beds. Once the cleanup is complete, edging is performed on all curb lines and your yard is de-thatched to improve the grass. Spring cleanup is performed in April.
Mowing is performed weekly to improve the appearance and health of your lawn. Each week, the grass is cut to an appropriate length and is adjusted at your home to accommodate for seasonal changes and the specific needs of your lawn. Additionally, the mowing pattern is changed each week to improve the appearance and reduce compaction and wear. To keep essential nutrients in your lawn, clippings are left on the lawn.  Once mowing is complete, all clippings are blown off your driveway, sidewalk, landscape beds, deck and curbs. At your request, push mowing and removal of clippings is available.  Mowing is performed from the end of April through October.

Fall Cleanup is essential in preparing your lawn and landscape for winter. All leaves, sticks and other debris are removed from your lawn and landscape beds. During the cleanup, perennials are cut back for winter. Once cleanup is complete, a final mowing is performed to reduce chances of disease in the spring.  At your request, young trees are wrapped to prevent sun scale.  Burlap is also available for evergreens to prevent winter burn. Fall Cleanup is performed during October and November.
Frequent Shrub Pruning is important to promote plant health and improve the curb appeal of your home. Each shrub requires different pruning techniques to achieve proper appearance and increase life of the shrub. After pruning is complete, all shrubs and landscapes beds are blown out and debris is collected. Shrub pruning is performed during June for non-flowering shrubs and August for flowering shrubs.
Maintaining landscape beds improves the appearance of your home and increases the water and nutrients your plants need.  The Bed Maintenance program starts by applying a shrub and plant safe pre-emergent granular weed control product to your landscape beds.  Thereafter, a combination of hand pulling and liquid weed control applications are performed bi-weekly.  At your request, 100 percent hand pulling can be performed. Bed maintenance is performed from May through September.
Fertilizer and Weed Control applications are necessary to create a lush and weed free lawn you can be proud to own. Our applicators are certified and licensed by the State of Minnesota. Our Fertilizer and Weed Control program consists of five steps; each step is designed to control unwanted weeds and grasses through non-phosphorus granular and liquid applications. Free spot treatments for nascent weeds are available at your request between applications.  Fertilizer and Weed Control applications are performed from April to November.  Timing of the application is structured around weather conditions.
Aeration is one of the most beneficial services your lawn can receive. Aeration reduces  soil compaction, which is a common occurrence in all lawns. Compaction reduces rooting depth and growth due to less oxygen movement to the roots. Aeration of the lawn leaves open holes which gradually fill with un-compacted soil, increases water infiltration and increases oxygen movement to roots. The recommended time of year for this service is late summer but is also beneficial in the spring.

Over-seeding is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your lawn. Over-seeding is used to repairs bare spots, increase thickness and reduce weed growth. The recommended time of year for this service is late summer, so we pair this service with aeration to provide you with maximum results.

Startup service is provided to ensure you that your irrigation system is running properly at the beginning of the year.  Our startup process begins by inspecting all pipes inside and outside your home. Once the water is on, every zone and head is inspected. During this inspection, adjustments or repairs are performed. Once the inspection is complete, watering schedules are set to accommodate local regulations and the water needs of your lawn. Startup service is performed in April and May.

Monthly Maintenance Program is available to assure you that all zones and heads are functioning properly. During the inspection, adjustments are made to the water schedule to accommodate for seasonal changes. Monthly maintenance program is performed from June through September.

Repair service for all your irrigation needs is available at your request.

Blowout service is provided to ensure  your irrigation system is properly shut down for winter. Our blowout process starts by turning off the water supply to all outside sources. From here, the water is thoroughly blown out and all pipes are back drained. Finally, the backflow preventer and control panel are prepared for winter. Blowout service is performed during the month of October.

Snow Control service is available during the winter months to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear and safe. During a snow event, we closely monitor the storm and respond quickly to clear your driveway and sidewalks 24/7. For residential homeowners, we offer a plan that includes unlimited visits for a flat seasonal rate. At your request, we can hand shovel or use a poly plow on your driveway. Snow plowing service is performed from November 1 through March 31. 

To ensure the safety of your family and guests, Ice Control service is available during the winter. When slick conditions exist, your home is monitored 24/7 and ice control applications are automatically applied.  At your request, eco friendly and pet safe salt is available. In addition, if you wish to control the ice yourself, delivery of a salt barrel and spreader is available.  Ice control service is performed from November 1 through March 31.